What to do with a glass of wine:

  • Hold the glass by the stem.  If you hold it by the bowl, it will heat up the wine.  Also, holding it by the stem keeps your greasy finger prints off the glass.
  • Swirl the wine in the glass.  This releases the esters (the aromatic organic compounds found in the wine) and  allows them to open up.
  • Smell the wine.  Move the wine all around the inside of your mouth (this is hard to do without looking pretentious or silly).  You have taste buds all over your tongue so make sure all of them get in on the experience!
  • Say what you feel.  do you like it?  Does it taste different in the front of your mouth (front palate) than it does on the mid palate and back palate?

OWLS Basics:

  • Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne and heavy scented deodorants.  Strong smelling products not only affect your sense of smell and taste, but your neighbor's senses as well.
  • Please arrive on time; you don't want to miss out on any of the wines!
  • Lipstick greatly changes the taste of wine; keep this in mind as you get ready for the event.
  • If you are at an informal event where your are asked to pour your own wines, make is a SMALL one.  No one likes a wine hog.
  • Drink responsibly.  remember, this tasting benefits the Family Support Center of Ogden.  Your actions could affect hundreds of lives.  So drink plenty of water during the tasting and NEVER drink on an empty stomach.
logoCancellations must be received by the Wednesday @ 5pm, PRIOR to the event.  Most of these events sell out and have a waiting list.  If you "no show" you will not receive a refund.